Mumbai-Pune Collider Physics Initiative

Mumbai Pune Collider Meet Fall 2016

3-4 December, 2016


The Pune-Mumbai collider meet was the first workshop of its kind in India designed to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on collider physics. Participants were from IISER Pune, IIT Bombay and TIFR Mumbai. The list also included a distinguished visitor from IISc, Bangalore. This being the first meeting under this initiative, one of the goals was to lay down a road map for future developments and set targets.

Experimental talks

Theory talks

Summary of Discussions

  • We are living in an age of data, theorists need to aid experimentalists by getting involved in searches and analyses
  • Standard searches focus on new physics at high energies with large couplings or low energy with small couplings, however, given the lack of evidence so far exotics might very well be the new canonical BSM channel. A number of talks were focussed on looking for novel signatures beyond the standard reconstructed objects used at the LHC. Constructing such new types of searches could be a very fruitful area for interaction between theorists and experimentalists.
  • Other areas that were not discussed but are promising focus areas are Higgs physics and light mediators (hidden sectors, squeezed spectra).
  • If naturalness is a awed paradigm, what new paradigms should we look for to replace it? Urjit Yajnik's talk reminded us about the importance of theoretical guiding lights as a strategy for focussing experimental searches.
  • Another active set of problems which could lead to fruitful interactions between theorists and experimentalists involve recasting. For theorists: How to translate existing bounds to specific models? For experimentalists: How to report bounds so that this can be done with ease?
  • It was decided to continue the discussion meetings regularly (perhaps at the end of every semester, alternating locations between IISER Pune and IIT, Bombay).


Participant Institution
1. Ritu Aggarwal SPU, Pune
2. Debjyoti Bardhan TIFR, Mumbai
3. Disha Bhatia TIFR, Mumbai
4. Sabyasachi Chakraborty TIFR, Mumbai
5. Shubhanshu Chauhan IISER, Pune
3. Mansi Dhuria IIT, Mumbai
6. Sourabh Dube IISER, Pune
7. Subhajit Ghosh TIFR, Mumbai
8. Abhishek Iyer TIFR, Mumbai
9. Ushoshi Maitra TIFR, Mumbai
10. Vikram Rentala IIT, Mumbai
11. Sreerup Raychaudhuri TIFR, Mumbai
12. Tuhin S. Roy TIFR, Mumbai
13. Toushik Samui TIFR, Mumbai
14. Seema Sharma IISER, Pune
15. Arun Thalapillil IISER, Pune
16. Urjit A. Yajnik IIT, Mumbai